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    What happened to todays show on dlive
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  • Deb Kraus
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    GET FOOD STORAGE: ($100 OFF 4 WEEK FOOD KIT) Or Call My Patriot-Supply at 1-888-204-0144 SIGN UP FOR RESTRICTED REPUBLIC: (14 Day Free Trial! No Code Needed!) GET A ROTH-IRA NOW: https://...
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      Daniel Carson Hello Rangers
      • Aug 26
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  • Amy Barresi
    Pete, what are your thoughts on current events as signs pointing to the rapture? Just curious since I like your take on things. I appreciate you and your team for ALL you do to keep a common sense voice out there!
    • Amy Barresi
      Ed Watson I say that the hour glass is about to run out. Watch pray and tell people about Jesus. !!
      • Wed at 11:05 PM
  • Donna Hodge
    This is my test.
  • Good morning to all enjoying the Pete Santilli show.
  • Pete Santilli
    Pete Santilli created a new video in the channel The Pete Santilli Show:
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    • Pete Santilli
      Walter Diaz He got something up his sleeve. He looks like he is going to lay down the hammer big time
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      Clifton Kerr Pete Santilli
      • Jun 27
    • Pete Santilli
      Cali Unknown BEST. PRESIDENT. EVER! View 1 Reply
  • Pete Santilli
    Pete Santilli created a new video in the channel The Pete Santilli Show:
    Twitter doesn’t like this video being posted on their platform - they even banned the person who posted it as soon as @realDonaldTrump RT’d it!
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    • Pete Santilli
      Paul Bizo And patriots. He can not do this alone. Wake up. Stand up. This is a civil war. Stand up for this country. Stand up for this president. He is the only president that you have had that can't be bought, or coerced by the Illuminati and their...  more
  • Pete Santilli
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    #MAGA, #TRUMP #REDVESTBRIGADE #TRUMP2020 #Thanksgiving A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our loved ones --- our Pete Santilli Show family! Show notes & headline links:
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