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  • Vic  Anderson
    Vic Anderson   ·  Feb 9
    Bin waiting 0ver 2 YEARS !
  • James Hallman
    James Hallman   ·  Feb 9
    I'd rather see'em both dragged behind a pick-up Truck, but I suppose being 'arrested' would have to so.
  • Randldon 18
    Randldon 18   ·  Feb 9
    We all do, but we all know better money is the only reason their not in front of a firing squad!
  • Sheila Plourde
    Sheila Plourde   ·  Feb 9
    I do!!!
  • Red Law
    Red Law   ·  Feb 9
    It's all out this is great listen up people
  • Ian McKlatchie
    Ian McKlatchie   ·  Feb 9
    Announce their deaths at the gunpoints of Special Forces, then announce that they have already been buried at sea, ("For God, and country!") then sit back with some popcorn and enjoy watching the lefties and liberals spontaneously combust!
  • Lisa Pritchard
    Lisa Pritchard   ·  Feb 9

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