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This was a 230% increase from Obama levels - A YEAR AGO - and the levels of illegals are even HIGHER now while Trumps calling FOR MORE LEGAL IMMIGRATION. I guess the 1.2 million LEGAL migrants a YEAR that he's brought aren't enough

So glad Hillary didn't get in there with her globalist aspirations.

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  • David  Hildbold
    David Hildbold   ·  March 10, 2019
    Shootem up ! They won't come back a second time ! Send them all to hell ! Lets see who they vote for then !
  • Cindy  Rose
    Cindy Rose   ·  March 10, 2019
    Start Shooting!
  • Allan Wright
    Allan Wright   ·  March 10, 2019
    Turn around or be deceased your choice

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