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Hey, Alyssa Milano. You're a has-been trying to make yourself relevant again. Did you forget the old white Hoods belonged to the KKK, who were a chapter of the Democrat Party just like Antifa is today?
Do you even realize how stupid you sound? The old white hoods haven't changed a bit so how can they be the new?
Oh I'm sorry. I'm sure you can't answer that because you're an OLD WRINKLED TWAT!

Patty Sloan's Album: Wall Photos

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  • Walter Strack
    Walter Strack   ·  January 22, 2019
    Now thats the kind of racist black folks i would love to hang out withi really love you white hoods
  • George Taylor
    George Taylor   ·  January 22, 2019
    A has been fat sow

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