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Ok folks, here is the basic deal.

Whether you like it or not, DNA testing is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to get to the bottom of your personal mystery.

And, whether you like them or not, Ancestry DNA is the place to do it, simply due to the scale of the operation. You can generally transfer your DNA file to other sites if you have an Ancestry test in the bank.

Tests done by Ancestry DNA will run between $59-$99 dollars, and for best results you will also need a "subscription" for 6 months (another $59-$99). It is possible to do without the subscription though, if you are persistent with the tools.

The key is this - "Second cousins share great grandparents, third cousins share Great Great grandparents".

Since your DNA matches will likely show numerous third cousins and even some second cousins, it becomes a simple process of building a family tree from those people forward.

Then, using those matches (measured in the amount of DNA you share with someone), you can mathematically figure where you fit in on that map.

When I did this for my wife, I found her father in only three weeks. Sure beats the old ways by several YEARS.

i am here to help with questions and coaching on the tools, but you must do the work.

Good luck with your search!

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  • Jim Ryan
    Jim Ryan   ·  September 15, 2019
    And your government will have your DNA.

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