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AS a follow up to the Gedmatch debacle, I found that simply removing your DNA uploads does NOT remove them from the GEDMATCH DATABASE.
You must also go to settings, and Delete your ACCOUNT. Otherwise the DNA stays in the database.
I deleted my DNA profiles there in late October, but left my account log in active, in case they changed their minds. When it recently became clear that they were not going to back off, I deleted my account (with nothing on it supposedly), and surprise! I got a "Do you also wish to delete AB2564 DNA data?" (numbers made up here).
So this data was STILL in the database MONTHS after I "deleted" it. There is no way to really know if "deleting" the account this way actually does delete the data in the database at this point.
AS OF NOW - -WE DO NOT ADVISE USING GEDMATCH and will be posting more thorough and complete information on all resource sites shortly.