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Just an update here -
The DNA pool at ancestry has largely stopped growing. I see only 1 new hit from the "Christmas rush", fortunately a second cousin, but unfortunately, no tree attached. I may try to run a mirror tree to find the connection, but still debating all that work at this point.
There is a noticeable decline in the numbers of people being tested, largely as a result of negative press coverage of the Gedmatch and MyHeritage stances on providing access to law enforcement. This has caused the price of testing to fall through the floor, now anything over $59 is outrageous. Even though the new "free" Sars-Covid 19 test logs a dna sample, this database will not be available for many years, or until it gets hacked.
I see the window on "public" access to the dna database closing soon, so if you are an adoptee that wants to try this route, I suggest you make a move soon.
You can ask any questions here and I will try to answer them.

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