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  • Posted: Feb 18, 2019
  • Last Updated: Feb 18, 2019
  • Facebook haters: 1
  • Comments: 2
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  • Category: Politics
  • Tags: #Facebook sux #F Facebook
  • Description: If you are tired of the insane rules of Facebook then this is the group for you. Post why you hate Facebook. F Facebook!

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  • Patrick Miller
    Patrick Miller   ·  July 11, 2019
    I was just banned again for speaking out against the terrorist Omar. The bitch can say what she wants but anyone questioning it gets banned on Fuckbook. I'm so fucking tired of those lame ass cocksuckers who make ignorant decisions on Fuckbook. Facebook...  more
  • Mike Bobby
    Mike Bobby   ·  May 23, 2019
    I just got a 30 ban from Facebook for posting something against Palestinian terrorists on a pro-Israel FB page. The Palestinians were complaining against crimes committed against them by the Jews when they themselves are actually the criminals. How the...  more

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