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  • ‪The number of active #iPhones being used currently stands at 189 million units. With the U.S. population in the vicinity of 325.7 million people. The modest growth in the installed base of #iPhones in the U.S. is primarily driven by first-time...  more
    189 million iPhones are currently in use in the U.S. | Cult of Mac
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    Freebug Software
  • #Facebook has said that it is shutting down its controversial ‘Facebook Research’ #iPhone app, after it was disclosed that the company had repackaged its banned Onavo #VPN app and was paying teens and adults $20/month to install it. However, the...  more
  • ‪Corporations are preparing to increase their spending on #Apple products over the next 12 months. When asked what mobile platforms are supported, #iOS came out on top with a 50 percent share, ahead of #Android at 29 percent and #Windows at 19 percent.
    Apple's iPhone a big priority for U.S. corporate spending in 2019
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    all big tech is run by commies
    ‪User #data is still not safe with #Facebook and many other #apps. A recent study has found that many popular #Android apps have been secretly sending private data to #Facebook without asking permission from users‬. At least 20 out of 34 popular...  more
    These Apps Send Data To Facebook Without You Knowing It
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    • Donna Masterson
      Donna Masterson all big tech is run by commies
      • Jan 1
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      Jerry Wilderman Both's a Chevy/Ford thing.
      • December 17, 2018
    • David  Hildbold
      David Hildbold
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