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  • Elianastar Cole
    A DELUSIONAL goal to turn EVERY country into Venezuela, in about same amount of time! Green RAW Deal. By any other name: research #agenda21 #factsmatter - Q sent me #DigitalArmy #askthequestion
    Al Gore: 'General Notion' of Green New Deal Has 'Huge Majority Support' | Breitbart
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    • Elianastar Cole
      Martin Kington You are one big idiot
    • Elianastar Cole
      Brian Neissel Al your a fucking asshole
      • Mar 16
  • NoCo Patriot
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  • Elianastar Cole
  • Frank Kool
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    They know what's best for our Country?
    Pelosi > CA...  
    The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable
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    • Frank Kool
      dude bro sum guy The only thing making California unstable is all the fucking Illegals they bring in and give them a shit load of money to vote demonrat. Not only do these pos Illegals get free fucking everything they get to vote illegally in our voting syster and they...  more
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    • Lynda Sypek
      Roger Laux It is what uncontrolled Voter fraud will do for any state that doesn't check the criminal activity of a Political Party like the Democrats.. Its a shame.. I suggest shipping all the die hard Dems to California and then fence that state off from the rest...  more
  • Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "The Press has never been more dishonest than it is today. Stories are written that have absolutely no basis in fact. The writers don’t even call asking for verification. They are totally out of control. Sadly, I kept many of them in business. In six years, they all go BUST!"
  • Samuel Anselmo
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  • Joseph Lenard
    #StolenValor, #DemocratActivist, #NathanPhillips, still tries to play the #Victim (and #RACE) Card despite the #FACT many of us saw the extended/whole #Video. He says #Sandmann (#CovingtonBoys) should have #WALKEDAWAY.

    #Phillips, YOU ARE THE SUPPOSED...  more
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    • Joseph Lenard
    • Joseph Lenard
      George Sholes That's why he makes such a good DEMOCRAT.
  • Lesa Antone
    Lesa Antone commented on vic cummings's photo.
    Actually if you read the real story, this man was attacking these kids. Not the other way around. #factsMatter
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    • Lesa Antone
      Richard Honea Reach out and smack the crap out of the little punk
    • Lesa Antone
      Lesa Antone Actually if you read the real story, this man was attacking these kids. Not the other way around. #factsMatter
      • Jan 20
    • Lesa Antone
      vic cummings Yep finally got the full version yesterday. Learned my lesson of reacting before the facts come out and dont trust what you first see and here.
      • Jan 21
  • Martin Shell
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    • Martin Shell
      Scott Seltzer Instead let's hang the demoncrats. We know their obvious intent is to destroy our Great Country. So let's destroy the threat. View 1 Reply
    • Martin Shell
      Lynda Sypek What you can do is Red Pill people get them to see what these crazy are doing to Our Country AMERICA Wake Them Up I know its hard but Open there eyes ,, Trust ,, we Patriots Are in Control its getting others to UNITED
      • Jan 4
  • Harold Murray
    QAnon Great Awakening
    12 mins ·
    ♦♦ More Anti-Pedophilia Voices Silenced On Twitter
    “In yet another act of anti-Conservative bias by Twitter, Breck Worsham, a popular Conservative woman with nearly 83,000 Twitter followers has been permanently...  more
    A Sitting President Cannot Be Indicted; Impeachment Requires 2/3 Senate Vote (Not Happenning)
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11 Dec 2018 - 4:01:13 PM /> Re: #5 Impeachment
    Impeachment requires 2/3rd vote...  more
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