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  • Daniela Collins
    CONNECT THE DOTS...HIGH LEVEL MUSLIM POSITIONS & THEY ARE ALL STILL ACTIVE Victor Michel 1. John Kerry's son in-law is an Iranian Muslim and, the best man at their daughter's wedding was the son of the man Kerry negotiated the Iranian Nuke Deal...  more
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    • Daniela Collins
      Rhonda Pascual I'll never vote Democrat ever!
      • 7 hours ago
  • Carlos Sanchez
    Sure enough I am in #shadowbanned like so many other great #Patriots who love our #Nation and our #Constitution I'm not going to create a new account I'm just going to keep on posting.
  • Rod Rodentstein and his Deep State Wife, Lisa Barsoomian.

    Shows Conflict of interest DOJ Rod Rosenstein is married to Lisa Barsoomian and Rod Rosenstein was on the prosecution team that fully exonerated Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater scandal (and...  more
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    • Lynda Sypek
      Roger Laux It is a Shelob (Spider) web where everyone is connected to everyone.. When Shelob (Tolkien) stings you and wraps you up in her webbing you almost never escape.. Only Bilbo and Donald have survived her clutches with Donald actively trying to tear down her...  more
  • Freddy Lent
    I don't know many of you from Fb and other sites, but you all rock! I'm really liking Spreely! #MAGA #KAG
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    • Freddy Lent
      Andy Holloway I deleted my F-book account a long time ago. View 1 Reply
    • Freddy Lent
      Dean D I left FB and came to SPREELY in September and haven’t looked back once.
      FB got too big and too one sided.
      It’s a great home for radicals that like to control the conversation. They like it one sided.
      There’s no place for patriots or truth...  more
    • Freddy Lent
      Freddy Lent I have to stay on Fb because I own The Trump Party group which has 55K members. I have posted announcements for members to go to Spreely, Gab, MeWe, and It's not that easy to get people to move though.
      • Mar 13
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    • Freddy Lent
      Dean D I think more folks would come if there were less glitches in the software. If the iPhone app was approved it would bring more people here as well. Unfortunately the radicals would come too...Oh well, a little give and a little take I guess...
    • Freddy Lent
      Fran Lannom I''ve kept my FB account open because there are still some great patriots over there (for the time being). I find good articles/memes there and post them to both Spreely and TrumpBook.
  • Den Ladue
    Den Ladue is following President Trump:
  • Daniela Collins
    #MAGA #Trump2020 #TrumpLovesAmerica #KAG #tcot #ccot We need to get a effective campaign going to get #IlhanOmar, #RashidaTlaib and #OcasioCortez out of Congress and criminally investigated. All three are Trojan Horses of the worst kind.
  • Sean Koga
    Hi everyone Check this Awesome Show out it's Steel City Resistance by Hutch Bailie Jr. Great Show host and you can even call in on Monday's, Wednesdays, and Fridays for Politics Please Share the Show, Call in and share your opinions, #MAGA #Trump2020...  more
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    • Sean Koga
      Regina Sluk My home town
      • Feb 17
  • Please Share the Show everyone and Call into the show too help spread the #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020 #DrainTheSwamp #USA
  • Sean Koga
    Please Share and call into the show please everyone #MAGA #Trump2020 #DrainTheSwamp #KAG #MAGA2020
  • January Job Growth Shatters Expectations - 304,000 New Jobs Created

    #Trump #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020
  • Unleashed Jeremy Hanson show
  • Fred Schneider
    Patriot Movement AZ
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  • Emily Bernstein
  • Emily Bernstein
    GBU President TRUMP, GB America......#MAGA #KAG...