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  • Emily Bernstein
  • Emily Bernstein
    GBU President TRUMP, GB America......#MAGA #KAG...
  • Sean Koga
    Please Share the show and call in to the show and keep the word of #MAGA Spreading as much as possible. #Trump2020 #KAG #DrainTheSwamp
  • Please share this show with everyone you know we need to spread this #Maga and #Kag Message now
  • Wayne Hardegree
    So now MSM demands a script of Trump's speach when he gives it live?? Nah MSM you don't have the right oe the power to limit the President of the United States!! #MAGA #KAG #AlexJones #stopthecensorship
    MSM Demands Trump Oval Office Transcript in Advance To ‘Decide What’s True’
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    • Wayne Hardegree
      Bill Clancy Trump give them a transcript of a bunch of BS like they give us. Then give the American people on television what you need to say live.
  • Emily Bernstein
    WWG1WGA! #MAGA #KAG.....
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    • Emily Bernstein
      Roger Laux The Cabal has never run into a man like President Trump. I am sure they have contingency plans if their actions are countered. However our POTUS is many steps ahead of them... Pray for Donald Trump and his family because the Cabal usually takes care of...  more
    • Emily Bernstein
      Julie Ogburn Roger I agree! Trump and the Patriots are using all of the Cabal's own weapons to cow us into submission against them. The patriots are literally making them kill themselves....slowly and painfully.... View 1 Reply
    • Emily Bernstein
      Lynda Sypek I love it cause can we all see it I can they new if Trump Won that was it.... The World
      Shock Oh They New What would Happen Funny it was fast Too hey look at ISIS gone we were there what 18, 20, years, for nothing NOW OUR TROOPS ARE COMING HOME ...  more
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