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  • Nicholas Kingsland
    Hell yeah! Ohio jury awards $11 million to bakery owners -
  • Alex Jones
  • Joseph Lenard
    Seeing as #RogerPenske was back in the #News lately due to #TeamPenske #Winning #Indy500, and now #Penske & Team Hosting the #Detroit #GrandPrix today and tomorrow (rare, back-to-back Races) - it's time to revisit this.....

    This was originally from 2016...  more
  • Donald Trump Is Our President
  • Mueller Report Drives a 250 Percent Increase in Trump Campaign Fundraising: Report
  • Lindy N. Hester
    Sums up the facts.

    Well it has been a few weeks but it is that time to check the old #Winning Status once more!! And here we go!
    1. Hillary Clinton is not, and never will be President. Saying that just makes me feel warm and happy inside.
    2. Bernie...  more
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Barbara Alley God is protecting this country, the kind have no idea
    • Lindy N. Hester
      Barbara Alley Libs*
    • Lindy N. Hester
      Kent Newsom
      • Apr 19
  • THIS is the Wall! Don't believe the lies that it isn't being built! It's being built as we speak! #Winning
  • Freddy Lent
    #Winning in Wisconsin!
    #ThePersistence on Twitter: "Brian Hagedorn flipping a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat is a big deal.

Hagedorn was severely outspent.

Hagedorn was smeared, just like Kavanaugh.

Hagedorn even had Eric Holder funding his opponent.

Conservatives now control the WI Supreme Court 5-2.
  • Den Ladue
    Den Ladue is following President Trump:
  • Phillip Buben
    Never thought much about this bitch, #winning
    Source: Maxine Says Trump Won’t Be In Office To Veto Her Financial Plans, Gets De-troyed
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    • Phillip Buben
      william hawk Better think twice Maxine! He has the goods on you!!!
    • Phillip Buben
      Phillip Buben Never thought much about this bitch, #winning
    • Phillip Buben
      Wesley Thomas Big mouth never quits, all mouth and hate, but no brains.
    • Phillip Buben
      Deleted Member She has tried several assassination attempts....shes not done yet...extremely dangerous Demon....daughter of Satan...Lucifer....Black Pope....a Subhuman Shemale transgender running the show from a Deep State cave below the Vatican
    • Phillip Buben
      Vic Anderson Bugg 'er !
  • Melody Frump
    A lot of these US Government jobs could be sourced out part time at a much cheaper rate. We do not need this number of full time employees in government. If the IRS can recall 46,000 employees to do tax returns once a year then those same employees are...  more
  • Melody Frump
    Trump isn’t going to postpone his SOTU speech on January 29 and Pelosi will have to sit behind Trump on the podium stage with her dentures coming unglued and her glazed expression from being a sleazy drunk. Pelosi has all the signs (slurred Speech,...  more
  • Melody Frump
    Ilhan Omar Just Bitch Slapped By Dan Crenshaw. #winning
  • Kellie Crosby
    Good #Morning and have a #Winning Wednesday - You #attract what you are. If you want great, be great!!!
  • Eric Wenger
    Donald Trump Is Our President
  • Beverly Rachel
    Has anyone checked the border wall go fund me by Brian Kolfage lately?
    IT'S OVER $6 MILLION already! And it's only day 4! And I'm sure this isn't counting all the checks sent in!