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  • Elspeth M

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      Randy Emenhiser Idk. Whose bday is 3/15?
    • Lynda Sypek
      Randy Emenhiser Never mind. It's RBG
    • Lynda Sypek
      Lynda Sypek Bday
      • Jan 9

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    • Lynda Sypek
      Brad Rheinheimer Dems really can't hide their commie ways anymore.. Trump is MAGA but the division is absolutely from the Nazi left!
    • Lynda Sypek
      Roger Laux It is alright by me... I already don't watch the MS channels as it is.. Been boycotting them for years... Besides they mostly put on crappy shows.. The news is fake and propaganda. Even stopped watching football because of the player political protest...  more
  • Larry Freeborn
    Greg Rubini


    "It was Obama IN PERSON who ordered the spy operation against then-candidate Trump, and against President-elect Trump. This is TREASON and Seditious conspiracy. There is no way around it" #WeThePeople
    DADDY DRAGON [Special...  more
    STREAM of CONSCIOUSNESS # [SPECIAL REPORT] w/ Daddy Dragon / BLACK MIRROR "KENSINGTON CONSPIRACIES [2of2] / GCHQ" ... GCHQ / Alexander Downer / John Brennan / Peter Strzok / FISA / Q-Anonymous from Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 LIVE STREAM ... Hear "Q - T...
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    • Larry Freeborn
      Dave Harker so why hasn't he either been hung or shot?
  • Terri Brahm
    PRESIDENT TRUMP has always wanted our country to take care if it's own people first. He is absolutely correct about how America's money has gone out to help other nations who are capable of paying us for that service. I'm so happy that he is following...  more
  • Lita Durr
    Against a Progressive America. “ Our founders didn't undergo what was an "unwinnable war", against an "unbeatable foe" to be ruled over by what are effectively unelected members of a federal bureaucracy. They didn't endeavor to shed...  more
    • Lynda Sypek
      Bruce Holmes I really hope it's all true but I learned in the military don't believe it till you see it! I trust Jesus is returning, but He kept His word. We've been let down so many times!
  • There are even more things to worry about than destroyed evidence.
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    • Roger Laux
      Darlene Lehman Just don’t let the FBI or DOJ know who they are or they’ll raid their place and take all the evidence and destroy it trying to protect killary and obummer
    • Roger Laux
      Michael Gillett Or the Corrupt FBI will shoot them during the raid...
      • December 7, 2018
    • Roger Laux
      Roger Laux There are even more things to worry about than destroyed evidence.
  • Linda Robertson

    Dear Democrats,

    We demand immigrants stop hurting our border patrol immediately!
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    • Linda Robertson
      Deanne Baker Just shoot the bastard if they throw rocks at you Border Patrol!
    • Linda Robertson
      Scott Peterson If they start it finish it!!
    • Linda Robertson
      Robert Vrooman We well be the bad guys when we shot back too you watch. Enough is enough build the wall and close the border until its under control
  • Arayan Z
    Instead of ALLOWING the Communist turn this into a platform for ending #2A
    #WeThePeople should demand social changes. That cannot be legislated but must come from us.

    1. Turn off the TV - IF you allow your kids to watch make sure YOU control what they...  more
  • Linda Robertson
    Joe M

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    The Federal Reserve will be restructured and brought under control of #WeThePeople. Trump will finish what Jackson started. Glorious.
  • Mary Ellen Romero
    #WeThePeople demand justice for Detective Miosotis Familia! Release the contents of Weiner's laptop so that no more patriots have to die at the hands of the Clinton Crime Syndicate! #ReleaseTheVideo #ClintonBodyCount #QAnon #PeaceOfficersMemorialDay
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    • Mary Ellen Romero
      Dave Helms Didn't know about this.
      • October 5, 2018
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