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  • It only takes a ‘missed call’ on the App for the #Spyware to be activated. Your entire phone is then accessible to the #Hacker! A #security #flaw in the popular messaging client allows the Pegasus #spyware to be installed on your smartphone....  more
    WhatsApp users must update now to avoid spyware attacks
  • #Facebook – which owns the #WhatsApp app has acknowledged the WhatsApp security vulnerability, and promised a rapid fix. In the meantime, we recommend that people set the screen lock option to ‘immediately,’”
    WhatsApp security vulnerability found in its new Face ID/Touch ID lock feature
  • ‪#Google & #Facebook fed ad dollars to child porn discovery apps. #Google has scrambled to remove third-party apps that led users to child porn sharing groups on #WhatsApp in the wake of TechCrunch’s report about the problem last week.
    Google & Facebook fed ad dollars to child porn discovery apps – TechCrunch
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