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  • ‪Some 6.5 billion #online #accounts have already been sold or leaked onto the dark web. ‪#Hackers can link disparate bits of #leaked #data and #passwords to extort victims‬.
    How your stolen personal data is sent to the dark web, and what hackers can do with it
  • ‪#Hackers have grabbed sensitive #data like login credentials and #business details from #telecoms, #internet #service #providers, #government #organizations, and other #institutions in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and North America. ...  more
    A Worldwide Hacking Spree Uses DNS Trickery to Nab Data | WIRED
  • ‪User location data sold by #ATT, #TMobile, and #Sprint is making its way to bounty hunter. Some rogue third-parties have access to user #location #data and it’s landing the hands of bounty hunters and the black market. The investigation also shows...  more
    Bounty hunters getting user location data from carriers - 9to5Mac
  • Donna Masterson
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    all big tech is run by commies
    ‪User #data is still not safe with #Facebook and many other #apps. A recent study has found that many popular #Android apps have been secretly sending private data to #Facebook without asking permission from users‬. At least 20 out of 34 popular...  more
    These Apps Send Data To Facebook Without You Knowing It
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    • Donna Masterson
      Donna Masterson all big tech is run by commies
      • Jan 1
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    He is a punk
    ‪Here are 21 of the biggest #data #breaches that companies faced this year around the World. The worst affected 1+ Billion People. ‬
    Biggest data breaches of 2018 - Business Insider
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    • Scott Meyer
      Scott Meyer He is a punk
  • Brent Massey
    Zuckie should be in jail!!
    ‪#Facebook enabled #Apple devices to obfuscate #data sharing from users, enabled #Apple devices to surreptitiously collect information about users without their or apparently #Apple's knowledge, report says.‬ The New York Times reports the social...  more
    Facebook enabled Apple devices to obfuscate data sharing from users, report says
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    • Brent Massey
      • December 19, 2018
    • Brent Massey
      George Sholes Zuckerberg is one of Obama's bed partners.
      • December 19, 2018
    • Brent Massey
      Brent Massey Zuckie should be in jail!!
      • December 19, 2018
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