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  • ‪The number of active #iPhones being used currently stands at 189 million units. With the U.S. population in the vicinity of 325.7 million people. The modest growth in the installed base of #iPhones in the U.S. is primarily driven by first-time...  more
    189 million iPhones are currently in use in the U.S. | Cult of Mac
  • #Apple boosts trade-in values for older #iPhones for potential XS, XR buyers
    iPhone 6: $150, up from $75
    iPhone 6 Plus: $200, up from $100
    iPhone 6S: $200, up from $100
    iPhone 6s Plus: $250, up from $150
    iPhone 7: $250, up from $175
    iPhone 7 Plus: $300,...  more
    Apple boosts trade-in values for older iPhones for potential XS,
  • #ApplePay tripled its transaction volumes year-over-year. Some 60 percent of all U.S. retail shops support Apple Pay, the ratio rising to 71 percent among the top 100 chains. #Apple has shipped it’s 2 billionth iOS device. #Apple's overall Q4 Record...  more
    Apple Q4 services revenue up to nearly $10B, Apple Pay transacti
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