Master Roger Koo’s History

Master Roger Koo's Martial Arts History pertains to anyone who has trained with, students of Master Roger Koo or associated with him in numerous Martial Arts Organization since 1973 or earlier!

Master Koo's career in the martial arts started at the age of fifteen. He studied Shotokan, Wado-Ryu, Shokukai, Tae Kwon-Do and Choi Kwang Do.

Master Roger Koo spent most of his training in Tae Kwon-Do, up to fourth degree Black Belt under Master Rhee Ki Ha of the United Kingdom Tae Kwon-Do Association (UKTA) affiliated with the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation (I.T.F).

Master Roger Koo was in the corporate world. He was in Accounting for 5 years (1978-1982) and worked his way up the corporate ladder to become an Account Manager in an Air Freight Company, Hounslow, England, U.K.

Master Roger Koo was the first instructor in the UK to computerized his entire school operation via a database and accounting process in late 1970's.

1977 Master Koo on the Front Cover of Fighters Monthly. Photo from UKTA Hyde Park Demo for Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee

1980 UKTA - London & SE Representative and later became Treasurer of UKTA.

1982 He was the first Professional Instructor in the UKTA with 5 Tae Kwon Do schools in Greater London: Acton, Ashford, Twickenham, Kingston & Woking.

1987 President of United Kingdom Tae Kwon Do Federation (UKTF).

1987 Master Roger Koo was the first to computerized a complete Tournament using a program that he developed for UKTF Tournaments.

1988 President of United Kingdom Choi Kwang Do Federation (UKCF)

1990 Master Roger Koo on Front Cover Story Tae Kwon Do Times USA

1990 Master Roger Koo Front Cover Story Martial Arts Illustrated UK

1990 Master Roger Koo Back Cover Mundo Marcial

1991 Vice President Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International (USA)

1992 (February) Master Roger Koo created and founded Koo Self Defense, in Cartersville, GA USA.

2011 (January) He retired from teaching martial arts having been in the industry for 42 years!

Master Roger Koo pursued his other passion: Computers. Ever since the first personal computer came out in the UK , he had the passion to learn everything about them. Over the years, he gained tremendous knowledge about all aspects of the computer industry from hardware, software, websites and search engine optimization.

Master Roger Koo turned his computer passion into a profession in November 2006, taking over from his son Gregory who started a Computer Repair business while still in High School thus the launch of RKPC Service - Computer Repair, Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

He was still teaching Koo Self Defense until he retired from it in January 2011 and went full time into his Computer Business.

His son Gregory handed over his clients to Master Roger Koo so that he can focus on his Undergraduate Degree in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) in 2006.

Gregory Koo has earned his Masters in Electrical Engineering at GA Tech, May 2011 and is currently working for Apple as a Hardware Engineer since June 2011!

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