Master Roger Koo's Martial Arts History in Tae Kwon Do, Choi Kwang Do & Koo Self Defense since 1970


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  • Maintaining my Fitness & Flexibility after retiring from teaching Martial Arts in 2011. Photo taken April 17, 2019
  • Master Roger Koo's Martial Arts History from old website which is on Web Archive.
    Koo Self Defense - Master Roger Koo
  • This video clip was taken by a student at the Cartersville Koo Self Defense Studio. I don’t know who posted it to YouTube. Website no longer exists but Internet Archive kept a record. Link is below.
    Master Roger Koo is an exponent of ITF TaeKwon-Do and played a major role in founding the UKTF, BTC and represented the UKTA. In 1985 Master Koo was responsible for placing TaeKwon-Do in the guinness world records and the description of the word in the Ox...
  • This is a Snap Shot of my original Koo Self Defense ( which no longer exists and was captured by Internet Time Machine!
  • I would like to Thank whoever has created & maintains the ‘Koo Self Defense’ Website.
    Home Page - Koo Self-Defense
  • Master Roger Koo’s History

    Master Roger Koo's Martial Arts History pertains to anyone who has trained with, students of Master Roger Koo or associated with him in numerous Martial Arts Organization since 1973 or earlier!

    Master Koo's career in the...  more
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