The Builder Affinity Team at Bank 34; founded by mortgage and real estate veteran Dan Rivisto and partner Joe Jonart, the Builder Affinity Team is focused on leveraging the strengths of a federally chartered bank with the entrepreneurial approach of these two mortgage and real estate veterans. The two partners saw the opportunity at Bank 34 as the perfect platform to launch their originating team empowering them to offer the broad range of the bank’s products nationwide. Dan brings over 30 years of executive leadership experience to the team having held regional and divisional roles for a number of national mortgage lenders and is well known as a subject matter expert for builder and construction lending. Combined with Joe’s many years as a successful originator, branch manager and experience as a financial planner, their partnership brings over 50 years of experience closing more than $6 Billion by them and their teams.

The Builder Affinity Team also includes team-members Michael Custodio and Rachel Anderson. Michael is the Team Loan Specialist and QC Manager. With years of experience handing diverse and complicated investors and loans, Michael has a wealth of detailed experience and helps the team review and guide in our service decisions for all clients. Rachel’s team role is as Transaction Coordinator bringing her years of experience in lending and business to the team’s efficiency and support for all of our client’s needs.

In addition to originating loans for individuals, the Builder Affinity Team also designs and implements employee/member benefit programs for large employers, unions and non-profit organizations. By bundling real estate, mortgage, and real estate closing services combined with state of the art real estate search engine technologies, the Builder Affinity Team’s employee/member benefit program provides premium level real estate and mortgage services nationwide with substantial savings.

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