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    This popped up as an advertisement on Facebook and I just had to do this one for you guys. And yes, I do eventually end up laughing hysterically. This was funny, but also extremely sad. Check your privilege: Follow the...
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  • This has greater implications than just the second amendment. If they win this, a good lawyer or two could use the case law to really raise hell on our court system.
    Court Clears Path for Sandy Hook Families to Sue Remington
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    • Whiskey Tango
      Rorabaugh Lisa This is your time to find out if this was a hoax or whether it's real.
      • Mar 15
  • Heard about this via a podcast tonight and found out it was true. Clinton's license was suspended in 2002 because she failed to complete continuing education requirements. She did pay a reinstatement fee, and because she was admitted to the BAR 40 years...  more
    Hillary Clinton's Arkansas law license reinstated
  • It's interesting. Facebook crashes for 8 hours yesterday, staying operational but not allowing likes or many comments. The same day we find out they're under criminal investigation. Hmmm!...  more
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    • Whiskey Tango
      william davis Facebook is a racist Commie outfit
    • Whiskey Tango
      Gary Wayne why must everything lean towards conspiracy... do you know how incredibly intricate running the scale of operations they presently do takes? Im not dismissing anything as an option... but why must this always seem to be the "go to" with some people... ...  more
      • Mar 14
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    • Whiskey Tango
      Gary Wayne I say this with utmost respect..
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    • Whiskey Tango
      BoB Menefee Quite true and s surprise they are admitting it, even If it’s just wishful thinking on our part.
    • Whiskey Tango
      Gary Wayne I totally support you Dave..please know this.. and all is very copice with me with this.. I just hope we get ahead of this in the best way forward.. and for me anyways Im not sure we have achieved this yet.. but frankly.. our congress needs to start...  more
      • Mar 14
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    The 63Red Safe app was released to create a list of places where politics and extremism don't play a roll. It's less a conservative safe space app and more an app to find places that value all political beliefs. But does it work? Let's see what happens. ...
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    • Whiskey Tango
      Dave Harker when does it come to android? it is not listed on their play store.
      • Mar 13
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  • Democratic leaders aim to put Trump on trial with 'slow-bleed' hearing strategy
  • Gun Control: How the Media Manipulates You to Give Up Your Rights
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      BoB Menefee It will take more than a bunch of women and the damn media to cause me to give up anything. If I had a gun they could walk away empty handed as they have a empty head as well.
    • Whiskey Tango
      Ralph Linder consider... One more time... We do not have a GUN CONTROL PROBLEM, We have a MENTAL HEALTH problem which NO ONE wants to discus or find money to pay for. Recently NBC News said 1 in 5 person between 12 and 17 are clinically depressed and they say 1 in 10...  more
  • Effort to Abandon Electoral College Gains Steam. Here’s What It Would Ruin for America.
  • The Podcast is live! You can catch it in video form or classic podcast form if you want to listen on the go.

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  • Oregon Trying to Lower Voting Age to 16
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    This is Obvously what happens in prison
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    Follow the podcast: Podbean: Spotify: Stitcher: Welcome to Episode 6 of The Run Down! This week...
  • IT'S OFFICIAL: Trump declares national emergency to build his border wall
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      Michele Mirijanian Love your name! WTF that's great!
    • Whiskey Tango
      Bill Clancy It's not his wall it's our wall get it straight
    • Whiskey Tango
      Donna Masterson its America's wall