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  • A caveat–- one media choose to downplay– is that a media organization MUST ADHERE to government standards in order to receive the funding. And what, pray tell, are the Liberal’s standards? Hide as much dirt on King Justin as you possibly can. Do...  more
    $900,000 Gift To Trudeau Foundation Labeled “Largest Bribery Scandal In Canadian History” | Cultural Action Party of Canada
  • Man Hacked to Death with a Sword by Syrian Migrant on German Street | Neon Nettle
    • Mrs. Coon and 4 others reacted on this.
    • Gerry Burnie
      Dave Helms Hacked up another muslim...so what.
    • Gerry Burnie
      Nancy Piatt You dont mess with another mans goat.
    • Gerry Burnie
      Dave Bennett that is what muslims do,if you live with the pigs you will die.
      • August 2, 2019
    • Gerry Burnie
      Wayne Mathis WYSIWYG with those God damned muslims that the God damned democrat politicians are importing, planting in YOUR Neighborhoods, and subsidizing with YOUR Tax Money... THINK about THAT before you VOTE in 2020.
  • The assailant, in this case, was a woman Could you guess from the news report? There are lies of commission and omission. You're being lied to but don't know it.

    ...  more
    Cairns man fights for life after stabbing
  • Those of you who are following the Tommy Robinson story might be interested in this report by Ezra Levant.

    See all of Ezra Levant's videos for The Rebel about his visit to Tommy Robinson in prison at http://www.PrisonReports.com #TommyRobinson #Prison #Interview #EzraLevant #UK #News #BBC #Guardian #DailyStar #FakeNews ►***NEW*** BUY Rebel Media gear - http...
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