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Call or Text: Roger Koo on 770-714-6683 to schedule an appointment to drop your Personal Computer (PC) - Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, iMac and Macbook for repairs!


RKPC Service - Computer Repair accepts Contactless Payment: Apple, Samsung, Google Pay as well as Apple Pay Cash via iMessage and Apple Watch!

Use Apple, Google or Waze App for Search/Directions to RKPC Service. Moreover use 'SIRI', 'OK GOOGLE' or 'OK WAZE' for Voice Search/Directions to RKPC Service.

When I am driving, my iPhone's DO NOT DISTURB Safety Feature will be ACTIVE! I will reply your TEXT when I reach my destination. In case of an Emergency, you can CALL and we can converse via my AirPods!?

List of Services Offered:

Apple Products: iMac and Macbook Repairs
Computer Devices: Audio Card, DVD Drive, External Hard Drive, Graphic Card, LCD Screen, Wi-Fi Card, Wireless Mouse, Wireless Printer not working?
Computer Repair
Computer Maintenance - Disk Cleanup and Automatic Disk Defrag
Computer Protection - Anti Virus and Anti-Spywares Software
Computer Tutoring (PC and Apple inluding iPhones & iPads)
Data Backup
Data Recovery
DC Jack Replacement on Laptop & Netbook
Desktop, Laptop Fan Replacement
Desktop, Laptop and Netbook Diagnostic & Tune-up
Desktop Power Supply Replacement
Diagnostic Evaluation
Hard Drive Replacement
Hardware Installation
iPhone, iMac, Macbook Tutorial
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
LCD Screen Replacement
Logic Board & Motherboard Replacement
Mailcious Software and Program Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojan (RATS), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Virus and Worm
Memory Installation
Microsoft Update Crashes, Failures & Not Functioning
Missing Drivers
Networking: Secure Wireless Network
PC Tune-Ups
Power Button Replacement
Power Supply Replacement
Printer Installation
Recover Deleted Files
Reformat Hard Drive and Operating Software Installation
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Software Operating Troubleshooting, Installation & Upgrades
Virus Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojans (Rats), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Trojans and Worm
Web Design and Site Maintenance
Wi-Fi Card Replacement
Wireless Printer Installation
Windows 8, 10 and Apple Tutorial

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    Facebook enabled Apple devices to obfuscate data sharing from users, report says
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      George Sholes Zuckerberg is one of Obama's bed partners.
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      Jerry Wilderman Both's a Chevy/Ford thing.
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      Donna Masterson I had a person from Nigeria steal my picture on facebook. he or she then sent messages to all my friends on messenger asking for money. it was a scam. I reported it to fb and they never responded to me
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      Bob Haddock Faceboom keeps on and they are going to fall hard.
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      Robert Johnson I left FB. Now on Spreely!
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      John Cagg HA ! All they got was my anti-Facistbook memes !
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  • ‪A major vulnerability left your #Microsoft accounts open for the taking, from your #Office documents to your #Outlook #emails — susceptible to #hacking. ‬
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    How does the new EKG feature on the Apple Watch work, and what can it tell you about your heart?
  • Sensitive internal #Facebook emails published by UK parliament detail use of its free #iOS ‘spyware’ #VPN recording users’ call and text message history, and much more... #Apple pulled the app six months after it landed on the #AppStore.
    Sensitive internal Facebook emails published by UK parliament de
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      Ernie Johnson Why do you like communism, Zuckerberg???
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      Sergeant Nobody Facebook is America's enemy.
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      Keith Landry FACIST BOOK
  • A new report suggests that more than 415,000 MikroTik #routers globally could be affected by a #malware that allows #hackers to steal the computing power of connected PCs to mine for cryptocurrency in a scheme known as #cryptojacking. The number of...  more
    415,000 routers worldwide reportedly infected with cryptojacking
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  • ‪45 more Banks & Credit Unions joins # ApplePay
    Apple Pay picks up new banks across US, Canada, France, and 8 mo
  • ‪Popular Q&A forum #Quora has logged out its entire 200-million-strong user base and invalidated all passwords after #hackers stole the account information, direct messages and comments of an estimated 100 million users. ‬
    Quora Hack: Website Logs Out 200 Million Users, Invalidates Pass
  • Over this weekend, ‪#Apple removed scam apps that used that use the iPhone's fingerprint scanner to trick the user into purchases they didn't intend to make, a devious trick to steal from #iPhone users .
    Apple removed scam apps that used a devious trick to steal from
  • ‪All-new design #Apple #AirPods in 2020, wireless charging model in first quarter 2019. #AirPods units rising from 16 million units in 2017 to over 100 million by 2021. ‬
    Kuo: ‘All-new design’ AirPods in 2020, wireless charging model i