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Call or Text: Roger Koo on 770-714-6683 to schedule an appointment to drop your Personal Computer (PC) - Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, iMac and Macbook for repairs!


RKPC Service - Computer Repair accepts Contactless Payment: Apple, Samsung, Google Pay as well as Apple Pay Cash via iMessage and Apple Watch!

Use Apple, Google or Waze App for Search/Directions to RKPC Service. Moreover use 'SIRI', 'OK GOOGLE' or 'OK WAZE' for Voice Search/Directions to RKPC Service.

When I am driving, my iPhone's DO NOT DISTURB Safety Feature will be ACTIVE! I will reply your TEXT when I reach my destination. In case of an Emergency, you can CALL and we can converse via my AirPods!?

List of Services Offered:

Apple Products: iMac and Macbook Repairs
Computer Devices: Audio Card, DVD Drive, External Hard Drive, Graphic Card, LCD Screen, Wi-Fi Card, Wireless Mouse, Wireless Printer not working?
Computer Repair
Computer Maintenance - Disk Cleanup and Automatic Disk Defrag
Computer Protection - Anti Virus and Anti-Spywares Software
Computer Tutoring (PC and Apple inluding iPhones & iPads)
Data Backup
Data Recovery
DC Jack Replacement on Laptop & Netbook
Desktop, Laptop Fan Replacement
Desktop, Laptop and Netbook Diagnostic & Tune-up
Desktop Power Supply Replacement
Diagnostic Evaluation
Hard Drive Replacement
Hardware Installation
iPhone, iMac, Macbook Tutorial
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
LCD Screen Replacement
Logic Board & Motherboard Replacement
Mailcious Software and Program Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojan (RATS), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Virus and Worm
Memory Installation
Microsoft Update Crashes, Failures & Not Functioning
Missing Drivers
Networking: Secure Wireless Network
PC Tune-Ups
Power Button Replacement
Power Supply Replacement
Printer Installation
Recover Deleted Files
Reformat Hard Drive and Operating Software Installation
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Software Operating Troubleshooting, Installation & Upgrades
Virus Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojans (Rats), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Trojans and Worm
Web Design and Site Maintenance
Wi-Fi Card Replacement
Wireless Printer Installation
Windows 8, 10 and Apple Tutorial

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      Scott McIntosh Facebook = Facistbook!
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  • RKPC Service - Computer Repair, Web Design & SEO on Twitter. Many articles & links going back years!
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    • Roger Koo
      Dave Helms Just made a ticket with Malwarebytes to find out if they are on top of this exploit. When I hear back today, I'll post it.
      • Oct 25