Call or Text: Roger Koo on 770-714-6683 to schedule an appointment to drop your Personal Computer (PC) - Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, iMac and Macbook for repairs!


RKPC Service - Computer Repair accepts Contactless Payment: Apple, Samsung, Google Pay as well as Apple Pay Cash via iMessage and Apple Watch!

Use Apple, Google or Waze App for Search/Directions to RKPC Service. Moreover use 'SIRI', 'OK GOOGLE' or 'OK WAZE' for Voice Search/Directions to RKPC Service.

When I am driving, my iPhone's DO NOT DISTURB Safety Feature will be ACTIVE! I will reply your TEXT when I reach my destination. In case of an Emergency, you can CALL and we can converse via my AirPods!?

List of Services Offered:

Apple Products: iMac and Macbook Repairs
Computer Devices: Audio Card, DVD Drive, External Hard Drive, Graphic Card, LCD Screen, Wi-Fi Card, Wireless Mouse, Wireless Printer not working?
Computer Repair
Computer Maintenance - Disk Cleanup and Automatic Disk Defrag
Computer Protection - Anti Virus and Anti-Spywares Software
Computer Tutoring (PC and Apple inluding iPhones & iPads)
Data Backup
Data Recovery
DC Jack Replacement on Laptop & Netbook
Desktop, Laptop Fan Replacement
Desktop, Laptop and Netbook Diagnostic & Tune-up
Desktop Power Supply Replacement
Diagnostic Evaluation
Hard Drive Replacement
Hardware Installation
iPhone, iMac, Macbook Tutorial
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
LCD Screen Replacement
Logic Board & Motherboard Replacement
Mailcious Software and Program Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojan (RATS), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Virus and Worm
Memory Installation
Microsoft Update Crashes, Failures & Not Functioning
Missing Drivers
Networking: Secure Wireless Network
PC Tune-Ups
Power Button Replacement
Power Supply Replacement
Printer Installation
Recover Deleted Files
Reformat Hard Drive and Operating Software Installation
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Software Operating Troubleshooting, Installation & Upgrades
Virus Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojans (Rats), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Trojans and Worm
Web Design and Site Maintenance
Wi-Fi Card Replacement
Wireless Printer Installation
Windows 8, 10 and Apple Tutorial

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  • It’s about time, All Restaurants adapt to this secure way to pay! With Scan to Pay, guests use their iPhone camera to scan a Clover-generated QR code at the bottom of their receipt to pay their restaurant bill with Apple Pay. This saves time for both...  more
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  • Apple’s mobile wallet is gobbling up a growing chunk of card payments around the world. As the service grows, it’s becoming a greater challenge to rivals like PayPal and attracting the attention of competition watchdogs.
    Apple Pay accounts for about...  more
    Apple Pay on pace to account for 10% of global card transactions — Quartz
  • iPhone SE 2 could cost $399 just like the first-gen iPhone SE. The new low-cost $399 iPhone has been rumored to be named either the iPhone SE 2 or, confusingly, the iPhone 9.
    This fall Apple will also release 5G and a bigger iPhone!
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  • Like many other hacking campaigns, Metamorfo begins with phishing emails that in this case claim to contain information about an invoice and invite the user to download a .ZIP file. By downloading and running the file, the victim allows Metamorfo to...  more
  • Under President Trump’s Economy to Make America Great Again (MAGA)
    These MAGA Corporations have become $1Trillion Companies!
    M icrosoft
    A pple
    G oogle
    A mazon
    • Roger Koo
      Floyd Hatcher Those companies were already there.
      • Feb 6
  • Previously, Apple’s Apple Card installment plan was limited to carrier-activated iPhones from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. Now, users will be able to buy an unlocked device and pay for it over two years with no interest or fees.
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    Apple Card Users Can Now Buy Unlocked iPhones Interest Free with Monthly Installments
  • The new maps have considerably more detail than before and give you a better view of roads, buildings, parks, and more. In iOS 13, Apple introduced Look Around and is currently only available in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles,...  more
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  • When hackers take over a single account belonging to one of Facebook's biggest data partners, it means a widespread campaign that could lead to thousands of dollars lost and a huge number of credit card numbers stolen.
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  • January 23, 2020: 250M Microsoft Customer Records Exposed; Cisco Prescribes Patches. According to Comparitech, which discovered the misconfiguration, more than 250 million records from customers around the world had been exposed.
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  • Attacks on retirement accounts rising. “Hackers are finding it’s getting harder to hack bank accounts, so they’re saying where else is there more money? Where can we go? And they’ve started to discover 401 accounts, they’ve started to...  more
    401(k), retirement accounts targeted online, and money not guaranteed
  • “An extraordinarily serious security vulnerability" in a core cryptographic component that is present in Windows 10. Before you take a deep breath and relax because you're still using Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP, that same crypto component is...  more
    New Windows 10 ‘Extraordinarily Serious’ Security Warning For 900 Million Users
  • If you still have a Windows 7 Computer running, don’t use any Microsoft related Programs such as Office, Outlook etc as there will NOT be any more security updates. Only use 3rd Party Programs Only with a good Antivirus & AntiSpyware Program. ...  more
  • They suggest that Apple will sell close to 195 million iPhones in fiscal 2020. That would bring the total number of iPhones sold since launch to around 1.9 billion units. Provided that they are talking about Apple’s fiscal 2020, which ends in...  more
    Apple closing in on its 2 billionth iPhone sale | Cult of Mac
    • Roger Koo
      Mark Garlington Got to make those little fuckers in the sweat shops work harder, get to that 2 billion then start working on the third! You can hear the bosses now, "No talk, no rest, make phone!"
      • Jan 9
  • In a post on its developer page Thursday, Apple outlined the bounty categories which include bugs in the iCloud, device attacks via physical access, network attacks with user interaction and more. The maximum payouts range from $100,000 to $1 million. ...  more
    Apple will pay you $100,000 if you find a bug in iCloud
    • Roger Koo
      Angela St. John I worked for a software company for several years and they always ship software with bugs in them. They get their free bug notices from their users, that's when they release a new version to update their software.
      • December 20, 2019