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  • When #Google first introduced Confidential mode, #messages sent with #Gmail's supposed #privacy #feature are #not #end-to-#end #encrypted. End-to-end encryption essentially means only the sender and the recipient have access to the content of the...  more
    Don't mistake Gmail's Confidential Mode for real privacy
  • Video: For Goldman Sachs’s global head of consumer Harit Talwar—a seasoned credit card executive himself—the first time he held the #Apple #Card was a memorable experience. The sleek, titanium card is currently being beta tested by the employees of...  more
    'The way you feel when you hold your baby' — here's what the Apple Card is like
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    • Roger Koo
      James Clark Fuck Apple
      • Jun 22
    • Roger Koo
  • One of the ways presented to the mark to settle up is the option to pay that balance by way of #iTunes #gift #cards. They tell the mark to go to a local store, buy an iTunes gift card, then read the number to them over the phone. Needless to say, the...  more
    Apple now warns customers App Store gift cards can't pay taxes
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      BoB Menefee ScrewApple right to the core.
      • Jun 22
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      RKPC Service: Computer Repair, Web Design/SEO. Kennesaw, GA. Call or Text 770-714-6683 Scammers & Hackers knows how ignorant people are! Apple tries very hard to protect one’s privacy. The reasons why there are so many Data Breaches in all Businesses & Corporations is because there are too many ignorant employees who falls prey to the...  more
      • Jun 22
  • The company confirmed the vulnerability was present in #PC #Doctor and #SupportAssist and, upon receiving a fix from the vendor, quickly released a patch to address the vulnerability. According to #Dell, a #fix was released on May 28, 2019.
    ...  more
  • Mozilla Patches Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Firefox Used to Install Backdoors on Macs, Update Now
  • #Hackers have reportedly been using the bug to take over #PCs running unpatched versions of #Firefox 67.0. All Firefox users should update to the latest version immediately to protect themselves from the exploit,
    ...  more
    Update Your Firefox Browser Right Now to Fix a Serious Security Bug
  • So far, apart from #Atlanta, #Baltimore, in just the last 2 months, there have been ransomware attacks in Greenville, #North #Carolina; Imperial County, #California; Stuart, #Florida; Cleveland, #Ohio; Augusta, #Maine; Lynn, #Massachusetts; and...  more
    U.S. Cities Are Under Attack From Ransomware — and It’s Going to Get Much Worse
  • Congratulations to my son, Gregory Koo for creating & designing the #World’s #most #Powerful #Graphics #Card in the #Mac #Pro due out this Fall 2019. Gregory is a #Hardware #Engineer at #Apple since 2011. To see what this Graphics Card is capable of...  more
  • #Amazon’s #Alexa saves a #permanent #recording of the user’s voice, in contrast to other makers of voice-controlled computing devices, which either don’t store recordings or delete them after a short time. Alexa devices #record and transmit any...  more
    Alexa records children without consent and stores recordings permanently, US lawsuit alleges - MediaNama
  • Tavis Ormandy has tweeted that he had uncovered a #security #issue with the core cryptographic library for #Windows, revealing that, “#Microsoft committed to fixing it in 90 days, then didn’t.” As a result of not meeting the Project Zero deadline...  more
  • In what the researchers refer to as a “#sophisticated #scam,” users of the #Gmail service are being targeted primarily through the use of #malicious and unsolicited #Google #Calendar #notifications....  more
  • Watch 45 minutes video with 200+# iOS 13 Changes & features.
    Hands-on with 200+ iOS 13 changes and features [Video] - 9to5Mac
  • #Apple’s #iMessage is entirely end-to-end encrypted, so you know your messages can’t be intercepted. #Android’s #SMS messages aren’t encrypted. That means that if someone were to intercept your #text #messages, it would be easy to read in plain...  more
    Why Apple Gives Android Users Green Bubbles in iMessage
  • #Apple says that you’ll get periodic pop-ups like this in iOS 13, giving you the option to continue to give a specific app background access to your location, or to change it to “only while using.” iOS 13 also includes a new option to allow...  more
    iOS 13 cracks down on location permission settings - 9to5Mac
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      Tammy Jordan Just one more reason not to use apple products.
      • Jun 8
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      RKPC Service: Computer Repair, Web Design/SEO. Kennesaw, GA. Call or Text 770-714-6683 You are greatly misinformed. Apple takes your PRIVACY very seriously. Watch the latest Apple Event on iOS 13 with new PRIVACY features!  As an IT person, all my personal products are Apple. 95% of my Computer Repairs are Windows Operating Systems.
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  • ‪The #NSA warning comes off the back of research that revealed just under one million #internet-facing #machines are still vulnerable to #BlueKeep on port 3389, used by the #Microsoft #Remote #Desktop feature, with nobody knows how many devices at risk...  more
  • The vulnerable systems include those running #Windows 7, Windows #Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008. If, for some unknown reason, you are running an even older version of Windows, like Windows 2003 or #Windows #XP, then your system is vulnerable...  more
    Older versions of Windows have critical vulnerability, should be updated ASAP