Call or Text: Roger Koo on 770-714-6683 to schedule an appointment to drop your Personal Computer (PC) - Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, iMac and Macbook for repairs!


RKPC Service - Computer Repair accepts Contactless Payment: Apple, Samsung, Google Pay as well as Apple Pay Cash via iMessage and Apple Watch!

Use Apple, Google or Waze App for Search/Directions to RKPC Service. Moreover use 'SIRI', 'OK GOOGLE' or 'OK WAZE' for Voice Search/Directions to RKPC Service.

When I am driving, my iPhone's DO NOT DISTURB Safety Feature will be ACTIVE! I will reply your TEXT when I reach my destination. In case of an Emergency, you can CALL and we can converse via my AirPods!?

List of Services Offered:

Apple Products: iMac and Macbook Repairs
Computer Devices: Audio Card, DVD Drive, External Hard Drive, Graphic Card, LCD Screen, Wi-Fi Card, Wireless Mouse, Wireless Printer not working?
Computer Repair
Computer Maintenance - Disk Cleanup and Automatic Disk Defrag
Computer Protection - Anti Virus and Anti-Spywares Software
Computer Tutoring (PC and Apple inluding iPhones & iPads)
Data Backup
Data Recovery
DC Jack Replacement on Laptop & Netbook
Desktop, Laptop Fan Replacement
Desktop, Laptop and Netbook Diagnostic & Tune-up
Desktop Power Supply Replacement
Diagnostic Evaluation
Hard Drive Replacement
Hardware Installation
iPhone, iMac, Macbook Tutorial
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
LCD Screen Replacement
Logic Board & Motherboard Replacement
Mailcious Software and Program Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojan (RATS), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Virus and Worm
Memory Installation
Microsoft Update Crashes, Failures & Not Functioning
Missing Drivers
Networking: Secure Wireless Network
PC Tune-Ups
Power Button Replacement
Power Supply Replacement
Printer Installation
Recover Deleted Files
Reformat Hard Drive and Operating Software Installation
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Software Operating Troubleshooting, Installation & Upgrades
Virus Removal: Back Door, Bots, Dialer, Keylogger, Logic Bomb, Phishing, Malware, Remote Admin Trojans (Rats), Rootkits, Spyware, Trap Door, Trojans and Worm
Web Design and Site Maintenance
Wi-Fi Card Replacement
Wireless Printer Installation
Windows 8, 10 and Apple Tutorial

What's New

  • #Amazon #Alexa and #Google #Home #app stores to demonstrate how easily #eavesdropping and #phishing can be done over smart speakers. Malicious #apps can be created for Alexa and Google Home, and that they can pass security vetting.
    ...  more
    Alexa and Google Home spying apps easily made it through approval
  • #iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are selling extremely well .
    Sales figures are close to #beating even #Apple's #estimates of 75 Million. Apple has asked manufacturers to pick up the pace. Sales of iPhones in China were up 230% for the month of September....  more
    New iPhones are almost selling better than even Apple hoped | iMore
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      Dave Bennett A lot of people need to check there food stamp balance.
      • Oct 14
    • Roger Koo
      RKPC Service: Computer Repair, Web Design/SEO. Kennesaw, GA. Call or Text 770-714-6683 It’s the Trump’s Economy. Wages are up, unemployment hit a 50 years record of 3.5%, hiring signs & construction of subdivisions everywhere. Companies can’t find qualified workers and more.....
      • Oct 14
  • When exposed to #sunlight, #polystyrene can break down in as little as #decades or #centuries, rather than thousands of years, a study from the US reveals. ...  more
    Polystyrene breaks down naturally in just DECADES, not thousands of years previously predicted | Daily Mail Online
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      Ray McDaniel Still too long stop making this junk.
      • Oct 10
  • Just completed tweaking entire site of #Atlanta #Awareness #Center - Finally A Solution! and the launch of Patricia Zerman new #book “Twelve Guaranteed Ways To Be Free.” />
  • #Microsoft hasn't had the best of times lately as far as #Windows #updates are concerned. Users are rightly and royally fed up with #updates that #break #things, including #Windows #Defender most recently. Yet security updates are released for a reason,...  more
  • #Google #Android #security issues seem to be happening more often than ever before.
    #Google’s Project Zero had found a major #vulnerability affecting hundreds of millions of #Android #phones, including its own Pixel 1 and 2 devices. An #attacker who is...  more
  • #Forks over #Knives #Documentary is on #Netflix. Many of our #Health #Problems and #Obesity in the Western World is based upon our #High #Intake of #Dairy #Products & High Consumption of #Protein from #Meats. As Fast Food & Dairy Products has been...  more
    The physicians of the Health Documentary, "Forks Over Knives", give their extended interviews, and where they could only briefly give testimony and documentation in that film, here they are able to take some time and go into the details, which shows that ...
  • Cable companies use hidden fees to raise prices as much as 24% a month - TechSpot
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      m russman Havent had tv service in over two years..dont miss it. It sucked anyway
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      Donna Masterson I have cable but it covers my phone. TV and internet. I won't watch Netflix since they signed a contract with the Marxist Obama
      • Oct 4
  • Magecart has ensnared some of the largest #websites in #credit #card #breaches, including #Ticketmaster and #British #Airways.
    It is often installed into the code running websites on misconfigured #Amazon #cloud #servers using automated software that...  more
    Credit card-stealing Magecart malware now infects 2 million sites - Axios
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      Donna Masterson Axios is a left wing website.
      • Oct 4
  • Again the so called ‘Experts’ are wrong about Apple declining demands for iPhone 11. When Apple releases it’s next iPhone with 5G, the Worldwide demands will be even greater. Moreover Apple Watch, Apple’s Services with Arcade, Apple TV Plus,...  more
    Apple reportedly raised production of iPhone 11 by 8 million units to meet strong sales demand - 9to5Mac
  • "#Apple #cables are simply the #most #difficult to do this to," MG noted to Vice, "so if I can successfully implant one of these, then I can usually do it to other cables." Other third-party accessories, especially from #unknown #manufacturers, might be...  more
    iPhone charger hacking device developed by cybersecurity researcher
  • VIDEO: The vast majority of #ATM #machines run #Windows #XP, a platform that was released in 2001 and #no #longer receives #security #updates. This makes #cash #machines prime targets for #cybercriminals,...  more
    Watch these hackers crack an ATM in minutes - CNET
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      Mark Garlington The page won't load
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  • VIDEO (33 Minutes) - #iOS 13 Features & Changes for #iPhone.
    A look at over 20 TOP iOS 13 features. Which new feature is your favorite? - Thanks to TenorShare, creator of ReiBoot for sponsoring this video. Try ReiBoot for macOS: and get $10 off with coupon code 9to5mac. Subscribe now ► http...
  • #Amazon has reportedly been adjusting its #search #system so that #products that are #more #profitable for the #company appear higher in search results than those that it receives a smaller profit from.
    ...  more
    Amazon Modified Its Search Algorithm to Better Sell Its Own Products | Digital Trends
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      Larry New I use Amazon to buy what I want,not what they try to sell.
      • Sep 16
  • VIDEO: #Apple #Arcade launches on #September 19 for everybody on #iOS #13. AppleInsider goes hands on today with the #activation #process, #game #installation, and looks at several launch titles.
    ...  more
    Hands on with Apple Arcade in iOS 13
  • #iPhone 11 & Pro having strong launch, Apple will sell 75M iPhones in 2019. #Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo is looking at sell-out times to glean what he can from the first 72 hours of #iPhone11 and #iPhone11Pro sales, and likes what he sees both in the US...  more
    Kuo: iPhone 11 & Pro having strong launch, Apple will sell 75M iPhones in 2019
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      Shane Osie I hate apple. Forced labor manufacturing is against my morals, apple can go screw
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      RKPC Service: Computer Repair, Web Design/SEO. Kennesaw, GA. Call or Text 770-714-6683 The facts are many U. S. Corporations that manufactures Overseas do so to maximize their Profits (cheap labor) in order to satisfy their Shareholders. Fact who benefits from Stock Markets going up? Your Retirement Pensions via investment in Roth IRA,...  more
      • Sep 16
  • #Apple September 11, 2019 #Event Video Full 1hr 42 minutes or Flash 2 Minutes
    Apple's event: At length and in a flash (video) | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt